What are your wishes?

Magical dinners, countless toasts and moments that linger in the soul.
The magic begins with a wish and culminates in a feast of dreams fulfilled.

Join us for a unique Christmas experience.

Let the magic begin

New Year's Eve Gala

by Diego Gallegos

dinner of stars

by Diego Gallegos

Experience the last sparkles of the year in an unparalleled atmosphere, tasting the culinary elaboration of our Michelin Star chef.

Group 33

At Higuerón, a unique experience awaits you, where culinary mastery and fun merge.

Reserve your table and get ready for an evening that will captivate your senses.

Group 33
CONTACT – 951 505 101

christmas eve gala

Celebrate Christmas in a dreamy atmosphere.
Enjoy a spectacular dinner under the starry
blanket of Higuerón.

CONTACT – 951 505 101


Explore the ideal environment for your business dinners and meetings with friends in Higuerón. In our private rooms, as blank canvases, you will find the ideal space to celebrate while the atmosphere is impregnated with magic and complicity.

CONTACT – 951 505 101

Discover Arara Bistro Bar

If you are looking for an environment of color and fusion of flavors, celebrate your dinner in our Arara restaurant, a space with unbeatable views that will add a magical touch to your celebration.

CONTACT – (+34) 607 600 225

Do you want to
the magic?

Book a room
and let the night last forever

Complete your gastronomic experience with our accommodation options, discover them at the end of each menu dossier.

CONTACT – 951 505 101

This Christmas,

give the gift of Wellness

by Higueron Spa

Still don’t have a gift
for the holidays?

Discover all our wellness packs ready to give
as a gift and live the experience.

Avenida del Higuerón, 48
29640 Fuengirola
Málaga, Spain.

(+34) 951 505 101

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